Won’t You Stay

Please never go
Never leave me again
Don’t make me wait
For your returning again.
While you were gone
You were taking part of me.
You took the love that I
Treated sacredly.
You’re the one I’ve waited for.

I used to hide how you always made me feel
Now I have changed what I’m feeling is so real.
Our love was strong thouh it lasted shortly too.
I don’t know what went wrong
But I was missing you.

You’re the only one I’ve waited for.
You’re the only one that I adore.
Others may have tried but they can’t compare.
Ask me? Could I be happy if you went away.
Only knowing you’d come back some day.
I am not the the kind who would change my mind.
Won’t you stay.

Copyright © 2011
words and music
(lyrics inspired by watching the movie Jane Eyre)
by Rick Maltese.

Won’t You Stay

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