When You’re Not Around

When you’re not around You know what I’ve found When I let my thoughts roam And imagine you’re alone I’ll close my eyes to see The shapes and curves set free By imagining you’re there And possibly aware. My thoughts of love are reaching you You’ll share a little of my view In our buoyant semi-conscious state Our souls and feelings penetrate Harmonious and polished strokes A dance a former life evokes As partners in eternal flux Caressing boundaries that we touch I’ll gently suck or kiss your lips And breathe delight with fleshy sips Molecular attractions cool Hovering near the orgasmic pool In a weightless rising rhythmic arch A purely sexual mating march A lasting lingering paradise There’s nothing we would sacrifice Our minds won’t know what our souls have done But our spirits rise like the morning sun There could be no better place No better time no better space Such winged and angelic thoughts When you’re not around… When you’re not around…
Copyright © 2011
words and music
by Rick Maltese.
When You’re Not Around
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