Tip #3 Think of a Piano as a Percussion Instrument

The piano is considered by many to be able to recreate an orchestra. But it is also viewed as a percussion instrument. Pretty versatile! I recommend that you set time aside to try out a rhythmic pattern and focus on relaxing the fingers but maintaining a curved position while your knuckles remain on the same plane as the top of your hand. Try it on one black note then maybe some adjacent black notes. The goal here is to recognize the need to relax. Also the weight of the arms is a factor when playing. Normally with a melodic passage the fingers transfer weight. But with a percussive passage the fingers need to maintain a relaxed yet rigid position. The most important thing you can learn about playing the piano is to relax and transfer weight. The muscles that are needed are mostly the ones that keep the position. You still need to remain fluid. In percussive playing the transfer of weight is from arm to arm while the fingers are the buffer.
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