The kinds of things I can provide for 30 dollars 1) melody with one staff 2) chord symbols and lyrics with no staffs of music (two formats) 3) bass line on bass clef with chord symbols 4) a simple youtube video with existing music set to one or set of images you provide for 40 dollars 1) melody with chord symbols no words (lyrics) 2) melody and words no chords for 50 dollars 1) melody with chord symbols and words 2) melody, bass, chords for 60 dollars 1) melody and bass and words with chord symbols 2) melody with chord symbols piano right hand filled in for 70 dollars 1) melody and piano part 3 staves chord symbols and lyrics for 100 dollars a lift of piano and instrumental solos 1) as played both hands and chord symbols including voice and chord symbols 3 staves
Oh ya… forgot to mention I play private parties and weddings
My Youtube Channel has selections I’ve composed as well as me playing standards.


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