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I have not posted here for a while. Here ‘s an update. 1) now has local links to the words. 2) Observations about harmonic rhythm  I want to share with you. From the days of Bach in the 17th century to the twentieth century harmonic rhythm went through a slowing down process. It was common for Bach to change harmony on every beat. 100 years later it was typical for Beethoven and Mozart to change harmony on every bar. There are plenty of exceptions but generally slow harmonic change became more and more a preference over the centuries. Some traditions in folk music from different cultures chose to limit chords to just three harmonies and some even chose no harmonic rhythm where the foundation was static based on a drone or a root and 5th. As a composer songwriter I have found myself in recent years avoiding unnecessary harmonic rhythm. I now reconsider a traditional jazz standard or a new song with a look to harmonic change when it’s needed. I am happier with the sound. What I’ve discovered is that the melody has an opportunity to stand out and words seem more poignant. I’m not saying it’s the best way but it’s a direction that pleases my ears.
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