Little Prelude by Rick Maltese

Original works by composer/pianist Rick Maltese

CAD$4.99 / Download

(Download Little Prelude sheetmusic after payment at Paypal) This work for piano has a pretty repeating four bar pattern in the left hand and is suitable for both beginner and professional. The high notes are written an octave down for easy reading.

2 Replies to “Little Prelude by Rick Maltese”

  1. VS

    Little Prelude is a beautiful composition. You demonstrate it with perfect tone. The melody is pretty and yet slightly unpredictable, it leaves me anticipating where it will go. The left hand is so legato and steady that it never pulls the listener away from the magic of the melody. The music makes me think of waves licking the sea shore on a perfect summer day.
    Thank you for this beautiful piece.

  2. Melody

    After listening to this piece, Melody told me, I love this piece very much and please teach me that song.

    Kathy and Melody

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