What is Better About Late Bloomer Piano Player’s Guide

After years of watching and analyzing how pianists play and to hear them talk they generally don’t seem to understand how they accomplish what they do. There are different styles of playing and schools of thought but my explanation about transfer of weight and using momentum and physical self awareness while maintaining a state of relaxation is both safe and an efficient way to play the piano.  In addition I advocate using a system I call deconstructing the song. The song structure, the physical challenge of demanding passages, the variations that can be applied to the harmony and the rhythm are all starting points for developing exercises or studies that make the musical journey much more interesting.  I say to the reader they should get inside the head of the composer and try to discover their intention. Sometime scales and exercises are useful but using the composers ideas for technical mastery is more rewarding. I would like to suggest large print. Glenn Gould once said that he could teach everything there is to know about the piano in half an hour. With this view and considering how reading has become a favorite pastime why not use large print and provide both old and young audiences a chance to enjoy learning without eye strain.
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