Use a lead sheet to gig with different band members without a lot of rehearsing.

Singers and soloists who have two jobs and a family to support will find it difficult to get musicians together for rehearsals. Centres like Toronto have a wide assortment of musicians who can read. A lead sheet can provide a way for musicians to see where your song is going and in a single page can follow the structure and perform without any mistakes.

What does a musician see in a leadsheet
1) The structure of the song
2) The Key, the timing, the tempo and feel of the song
2) The pattern of chords in convenient easy to remember layout
3) A Bass player or keyboardist can see the Bass note if slash notation is used in the chords
4) A guitarist or keyboardist can see when the vocal melody is present and avoid playing on top of the words or the soloist.
5) If a musician cant read the staff they still have the chord symbols to use.

So a leadsheet will convey a whole lotta stuff that might be hard to explain to everyone
without it.

To be more complete the band can use one sheet for nearly everyone unless there is a transposing
instrument like a trumpet, sax or clarinet in which case the sheets can be prepared for if needed.

I have started getting a few more visits since…

I updated my pages to include song lists. I will eventually be showing the lyrics pages I’ve added to¬† (SITE IS DOWN DUE TO HACKING)

Take a look. My list of songs is growing where I help the learning process by indicating the chord structure.

It’s not exactly Karaoke friendly but the printouts will fit on one page and the chords are easier to
memorize when you can quickly see the structure at a glance.

I recently added I Shall Be Realeased

Here’s a song that’s easy to memorize the piano part and you don’t even need the sheet music.

I added a song for beginners who might be old enough to remember this song from aroung 1969 by Bob Dylan. I Shall Be released.

Most people take a while to get used to my lyric charts but they are very instructive about structure and make memorization easy. The first verse is marked “1.” At the beginning and second verse “2.” and so on. The Joe cocker arrangement adds a section for guitar solo after every chorus (F Gm Am Gm F)
The structure of this song is:
Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Chorus
||: Hold F count 4 beats | Gm count 4 beats | Am 2 beats Gm 2 beats | F count 4 beats :||
This song has the easiest structure you can find anywhere same three chords
move step wise in parallel motion. Verses have the same chords as the chorus.

Chords are triads
F play F-A-C

Gm play G-Bb-D

Am play A-C-E

You could play the exact chords in both hands an octave apart
Left Hand starting with thumb on Middle C
Right Hand starting with Thumb on F above Middle C
For more advanced playing If you want to jazz up the chords a little
let your Left Hand play the chords above but the right hand can drop the thumb one noe down

Left Hand Right Hand would play
F-A-C E-A-C for the F chord
G-Bb-D F-Bb-D for the Gm chord
A-C-E G-C-E for the Am chord

Left Hand starting with thumb on Middle C
Right Hand starting with Thumb on E above Middle C