May was a good month for gigs.

I had Virgil Scott perform and he brought
a young upcoming starlett Hailee Sisera to the Red Lantern on Merton.
They finished with a great rendition of
Hit the Road Jack duet.

Gerogia Steel did a great night two weeks back. Looking good too.

Rocco’s Duo Gigs Coming Up – Andy De Campos and me on piano!

Jazz at Rocco’s this autumn!
Sep, Oct & Nov, 2012

Popular jazz crooner Andy De Campos
Andy and pianist
Rick Maltese return to
Rocco’s Plum Tomato Trattoria
three times this fall!Enjoy Andy and his pianist’s song stylings of your favourite standards in a cozy atmosphere.
Saturday, September 15,
Saturday, October 13 and
Friday, November 16

Rocco’s is well known for it’s fine dining, but Andy says they have the best veal sandwich anywhere within a 100 km radius!
For reservations: 
Rocco’s:  164 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Y 1J2
For more information about Andy De Campos, please visit:

at 6:30 pm.

Roasted Garlic SaladMarguerita Pizza
(yes the pizza is that good you’ll still think this simple one is the best – ask for the thin crust slightly toasted)Lamb Chops
(when available)Stuffed Chicken
(my piano player likes it!)

Veal Sandwich

Surrender To Your Arms


Surrender to Your Arms              singer Maia Kuze with Rick Maltese on piano 
                                                          cover art by Karl Schantz

My lonely spirit 
Needs you to guide me 
To stand beside me 
But I still fear you. 
Will I surrender to your arms? 
My heart has weakened 
My heart has wandered 
My constant longing 
Please come and save me. 
I will surrender to your arms. 

When I let down my guard will you be there? 
These are the thoughts I’m saying in a prayer. 
Will my faith completely save my soul? 
Is there room for you inside my world? 
You are eternal. 
I’m only mortal. 
Will I learn all your ways? 

The gifts you’ve shown me 
There’s so much beauty 
It might just heal me 
To surrender to your arms.

released 01 August 2012 
Words and Music by Rick Maltese © 2011
Sung by Maia Kuze 
Piano by Rick Maltese

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned         words and music by Rick Maltese © 2011

There's so much more to life than living lives apart.
We all are blessed with what it takes. How do we start?
To find the path to make it work, open your heart.

Open your heart and once again,
Open your heart these are the Lessons Learned.

When justice will not show it's face, open the door.
The waves don't stop when they have found their way to shore.
Just pray once more and once again, just pray once more.

Just pray once more, and pray again.
Just pray once more. These are the lessons learned

What seems like just an ember fading in the dark.
In time the light will shine so bright, a fixed mark.
If over time the light should fade, just save a spark

Just save a spark, and once again,
Just save a spark these are the lessons learned.