My Bio

My Bio

My path is by no means any more amazing than many great musicians. I have always been quick to adapt. From the first time I picked up a classical book and was sight reading the Beethoven Sonatas based on what I knew about pop music to switching from a pop, classical, jazz and rock background to Musical Theatre and later becoming a writer through my teaching and blogging experiences. But I have had some great teachers and great opportunities.  When I decided music composition was what I wanted I attended the University of Toronto but never graduated because they expected all students to study 20th century Canadian music before ever studying Beethoven or Bach. I left university to join a rock band and got tired of that after 3 years to start directing Musical Theatre.

I then started arranging and composing for piano, bands, ensembles, choirs and orchestras.  My second instrument was the viola which I played for six years mostly my teen age years and was the member of the Etobicoke Youth Orchestra under Barry Gosse. A great educator and musician.

After doing Summer Stock theatre in cottage country for three years I was also able to do some Toronto productions of shows like Godspell and a couple of original productions. I became a ballet school accompanist and also grew from those experiences.

I did a year as Musical Director at the prestigious Royal York Hotel which had singing waiters and Bar Tenders. The position gave me the right to audition and develop the repertoire.

I decided in my 40’s to go back to school to complete my Bachelor of Science in computer programming. This period was a bit of a setback musically.  I spent about 10 years in IT going to school, graduating and then becoming  a teacher at a college part time.  I’ve returned to music and started writing.

With a few years of blogging mostly on energy and the environment and dabbling in philosophy I decided to return to music full time. This made me happier composing and writing were just what I was needing. Now a book while my other projects are on hold while I work on the book, teach music and continue with web design work for survival.

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