Viola Jokes

  • What’s the difference between a viola and a coffin?
    The coffin has the dead person on the inside.
  • How do you keep your violin from getting stolen?
    Put it in a viola case.
  • What’s the definition of a minor second?
    Two violists playing in unison.
  • What’s the definiton of “perfect pitch?”
    Throwing a viola into a dumpster without hitting the rim.
  • How can you tell when a violist is playing out of tune?
    The bow is moving.
  • What do a viola and a lawsuit have in common?
    Everyone is happy when the case is closed.
  • What is the range of a Viola?
    As far as you can kick it.
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    1. As a “former” Violist, I have to say these are fairly “right on” 😉

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