Scales and Modes

Aolian – A B C D E F G A  Natural Minor

Locrian – B C D E F G A B

Ionoan – C D E F G A B  C  Major

Dorian (Modern) – D E F G A B C D

Phrygian – E F G A B C D E

Mode Tonic relative
to major scale
Interval sequence
Ionian I C T-T-s-T-T-T-s
Dorian II D T-s-T-T-T-s-T
Phrygian III E s-T-T-T-s-T-T
Lydian IV F T-T-T-s-T-T-s
Mixolydian V G T-T-s-T-T-s-T
Aeolian VI A T-s-T-T-s-T-T
Locrian VII B s-T-T-s-T-T-T

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