It’s Like Learning to Dance

But in a very similar way to dancing they need to be played with a logical sequence of fingers as in dance steps. I think of Fred Astaire as the ultimate in cool as a dancer with great skill. Much of his style was dependent on his ability to relax. It’s the key to speed and endurance. Marching takes more energy than walking and we want to conserve energy so we don’t get tired or develop carpal tunnel for those who insist on regular practice the wrong way. I have noticed that when beginner students who practice J.S. Bach’s works often play the notes without giving the full value to the note lengths. Bach demands some fancy fingering to enable a smooth stepwise motion to all the voices. Bach’s does not give up on sustain as an imitator of wind, vocal, string or other more sustaining capable instruments. To enjoy the richness of Bach’s style it is essential to give the notes their full value.

  Ch. 4 – Scales