Ch. 2 – What happens if we think like children?

Children are curious like cats and will take chances out of naivety and they have an ability to be awed and amazed by what we see as small things. Adults lose much of this curiosity so it’s necessary to compensate. The technical challenges we face when learning to do music is that the movements we need to make on an instrument are not intuitive.  As a piano player I know what that means. When I tried to learn to play the accordion I found it difficult because the orientation and angle of approach to the keys is quite different and could not get both hands going so I gave up. Now you may say why am I giving this as an example wouldn’t a successful experience make more sense than a failed attempt in order to inspire you? I think it makes the point that the newness and alien nature of the challenge is what makes it so hard. Be like an explorer then? Children do this naturally. They don’t shy away from challenges. So we can learn from remembering what it’s like to be a child. All physical disciplines whether it is being an athlete or a musician require a balance between relaxation and muscle movement.  With hockey, golf, tennis, dancing, running and numerous others they all involve a degree of relaxation, control of momentum and transfer of weight.