1. Physical Self Awareness

All adults need to learn how much of what they do in their daily activities are full of habits of repetition. These activities like simultaneously carrying grocery bags, balancing the mail and getting your keys out and unlocking your door indicates a multi-tasking skill taken for granted because our lives have learned these basics out of necessity. But think of it. You typically can manipulate several tasks while trying to enter your home or maybe unlocking your car. There’s never just one key to find it’s one of many. But we still handle it easily. While carrying groceries we can select the right key with one hand and then open the door. The simple explanation is that we have developed motor skills. What actually takes place during these tasks is not so-much muscular although that’s a part of it but independence of motor actions. Fingers, feet, body movement, harms, legs etc. all participate but the common element or single characteristic that ties them all together is repetition and knowing your limitations. Our brains were trained in childhood to handle most of the things we do in adulthood. What about the brain of an adult? Why is it slower to learn? Because it wasn’t designed that way. The growing years are the formative years and things are in acceleration compared to what occurs after we reach adulthood. Do we let this knowledge defeat us or can we use it to our advantage?
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